America Now, a dialogue…

A group of artists, living and working in Maine,  is coming together to mount a group exhibition entitled : AMERICA NOW.

This exhibition is focused on artistic creativity in a country divided against itself and considers the purpose and function of the arts in times  of social and political stress.

This exhibition is hosted by the HOLOCAUST AND HUMAN RIGHTS CENTER of Maine (HHRC) and will be displayed ONLINE at this website , and at the Center, University of Maine at Augusta.

This group show will include paintings, prints, photographs and installations and is Curated by Bruce Brown.

It is mounted under the direction and with the encouragement of HHRC Program Director  David Greenham.

The exhibition is scheduled to open in mid- October. We, the artists, consider this work to be in the nature of a dialogue, and we invite you to join us.



 Edgar A. Beem  = Reviewer.

Susan Bickford = Videographer 

Violet Brandwein  = Coordinator 

Bruce Brown = Curator

Ken Eason = Webmaster

David Greenham = Program Director

George Mason = Installation

Leonard Meiselman = Coordinator

Rebecca Scheckman = Editing of video

Home Page: L to R; J. Arnold; PROTESTOR;  L. Meiselman, AMERICA NOW;  A. Magee, TRAUERARBEIT II.